Moldable to each Unique Child's Foot
Natural body heat and activity level creates a wear-moldable support system that compliments and protects Kidz busy feet.
Anti-Bacterial Top Cover
Advanced Ag anti-bacterial top cover kills over 650 different types of bacteria.
Promotes Proper Alignment and Balance
Podiatrist recommended arch supports, designed to help relieve muscle fatigue associated with excess foot motion.
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The First Wear-Moldable Arch Support Insoles for Kids in the Market!

KidZerts children's arch support insoles will not only improve the way shoes fit, but also provide the extra comfort and arch support that are needed to keep children's feet healthy.  When parents purchase new kids' shoes one of the things that they often overlook are the type of insoles that are provided with the shoes.  Unfortunately, if the insoles are just flimsy foam cutouts, this could lead to foot pain due to their lack of support and cushioning.  KidZerts children's arch support insoles will eliminate the pain and offer comfort.  KidZerts are really an investment in future foot health.  Whether kids are on the soccer field or running around with friends at school, KidZerts children's arch support insoles have the features to accommodate any kids' activity.

KidZerts children's insoles are uniquely shaped to resemble the natural contours of the arch and heel areas of the foot.  This design provides comfortable arch support and an established heel cup for extra stability.  KidZerts children's arch support insoles are also wear-modable, which means that over time they will conform to each individual foot - this will lead to even better support and a customized fit.  Kids will experience less foot fatigue and pronation all  the while gaining proper body alignment and balance.  Foot odor will be eliminated because each insole has an anti-bacterial top cover that will kill over 650 different types of bacteria.  KidZerts children's arch support insoles are really the inserts that should be in every pair of kids' shoes.

Available Sizes:

26 (US 9-10) Kids 28 (US 10.5-11.5) Kids 30 (US 12-13) Kids 32 (US 1-1.5) Youth 34 (US 2-3) Youth 36 (US 4-5) Youth